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Aabachee (Cheetham 57)Antique Ruby self32" x ?MLaDorNone
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Kirchhoff 98)Yellow melon w/pink blend30" x 6.5"EMEVR, re, FraNone
Alter Ego (Stamile 01)Lavender w/yellow bicolor & yellow starburst watermark34" x 9.5"Ere, Tet, Evr, Fra, UNFNone
Always Afternoon (Morss 87)Mauve with purple eye22" x 5.5"Ere, SEV, TET, extStout Silver 1997
America the Beautiful (Stamile 05)Rose pink with citron watermark22" x 7"EMTet, SEV, FragrantNone
Apache Bandana (Roberts 01)Garnet with black eye32" x 7"Mre, Dip, Sev, Noc, SpiderNone
Atlanta Irish Heart (Petree 85)Yellow pink polychrome w/green eye27" x 6"MTet, Dor, ExtNone
Autumn Wood (Doughterty 91)Peach polychrome24" x 5.5"Mextended, Dor, DiploidNone
Aztec Firebird (Roberts 02)Red orange bitone above a green throat36" x 7"MLDip, SEV, fragrant, UFONone
Azure Wings (Stamile 05)Orchid Lavender bicolor41" x 11.5"EMre, Tet, Evr, SpiderNone
Baked Coral (Wild 90)Diamond dusted coral veined orange29" x 6"MDip, Dor, ExtendedNone
Bali Watercolor (Stamile 02)Lavendar with silvery watermark35" x 9"MEVR, Re, FragrantNone
Barbara Mitchell (Pierce 84)pink-lavendar ruffled round, chartreuse throat20-24" x 6"Mre,SEVStout Silver Medal
Bayport (Stamile 98)Cream with rose eye and edge16" x 5.5"EMre, Tet, Dor, FragrantNone
Bed of Roses (Wynne 63)Cerise self with green throat30" x 5"MLaDip, DorNone
Betty Winkler (Hansen 00)Red with cashmere edge24" x 7"EreNone
Black Eyed Stella (Roberson 89)Golden yellow w/dark red eye13" x 3.125"ERe, Dip, Dor, Noc, ExtNone
Bonanza 1954 (Ferrick 54)Orange yellow self34" x ?MDip, Dor, fragrantNone
Brazilia (Sellers 76)Red self28" x 7"MTet, DormantNone
Brer Rabbit's Baby (Roberts 02)Black red self30" x 5"MSev, FragrantNone
Bridge of Dreams (Boykin 03)Cream with dark plum eye & edge24" x 5.5"EMEVR, reNone
Brown Witch (Reed 99)Brown with purple eye36" x 6"MDip, Dor, SpiderNone
Burgundy Twister (Stamile 03)Citron green w/burgundy edges & tips36" x 9.75"EEEVR, Re, Fra, SpiderNone
Calculated Ambiguity (C Hanson 99)Cool Rose blend26" x 3"EMTet, SevNone
Cape Cod (Wild 70)Deep wine red self34" x 4.5"EMDiploid, DormantNone
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