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Siloam June Bug (P. Henry 87)Gold with dark maroon eye23" x 2.75"EMDip, DorNone
Siloam Merle Kent (P. Henry 84)Bright orchid w/deep purple eye18" x 3.5"MDip, Dor, ExtendedNone
Siloam Stinnett's Delight (P. Henry 92)Light pink with pink eye16" x 5.25"EMDiploid, Dor, Fra, Ext, DoubleNone
Siloam Tee Tiny (P. Henry 81)Orchid with purple eye20" x 2.75"MDiploid, DormantNone
Silver Quasar (Reinke 97)Wine w/white edge and wine watermark36" x 6"MDip, Dor, FragrantNone
Snufalufagus (Stamile 02)Orchid pink with purple37" x 8.5"EERe, Tet, Evr, Fra, UNFNone
So Lovely (G. Lennington 69)Near white self30" x 5.5"MDip, SevNone
Some Like It Hot (Carr 00)Orange Copper blend w/light orange copper watermark25" x 5.5"EMRe, Tet, Evr, FragrantNone
Spacecoast Firestarter (Kinnebrew 02)Orange with red eye and edge30" x 6.25"EERe, Tet, SevNone
Spacecoast Sunshine (Kinnebrew 96)Pink self22" x 3.875"EMNone
Spider Web (Tanner 75)Yellow self20" x 11"EMDiploid, Evr, Unusual FormNone
Spider Miracle (Hendricks 86)Yellow green self32" x 8.5"MDip, Dormant, Unusual FormNone
Spiny Sea Urchin (Stamile 03)Lavender with gold spiny edge27" x 5.5"EMRe, Tet, Sev, FragrantNone
Spirit of Freedom (Wild 72)Pencil lined garnet red w/small yellow green throat29" x 5"ERe, Diploid, DormantNone
Spooner (Wilson/Leichhardt 91)Rose cream blend40" x 8"MDip, Dor, Unusual FormNone
Stella De Oro (jablonski 75)Gold self11" x 2.75"EMRe, Dip, Dor, Fragrant, ExtNone
Strawberry Candy (Stamile 89)Strawberry pink blend w/Rose red eye26" x 4.25"EMRe, SEV, TET, ExtendedStout Silver Medal
Study in Scarlet (Kirchhoff 85)Blood red self28" x 5"ERe, Tet, Evr, ExtendedNone
Super Purple (Dove 79)Deep purple self27" x 5.63"MRe, Dip, Sev, Fra, ExtendedNone
Texas Gal (D. Hansen 88)Peach pink with rose eye24" x 5"EMRe, Dip, Sev, ExtendedNone
The Owl (C. Hansen 04)Persimmon blend above a chartreuse throat18" x 5"MSev, TetNone
Through Dark Waters (C. Hansen 99)Lavender Purple self30" x 6"EMSEV, Tet, FraNone
Time Lord (Munson 83)Copper Rose red self30" x 6"EMRe, Tet, EvrNone
Tixie (Winnford 74)Medium yellow with maroon eye19" x 3"EMDiploid, SevNone
Tooth (D. Hansen 00)Purple w/lilac halo & white tooth edge32" x 6.5"ERe, Tet, EVR, NocturnalNone
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