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Total Commitment (Rice 01)Cream with darker eye and edge37" x 5.5"EMRe, Tet, DorNone
Train to Venice (Lorrain/Kycett 96)Wine purple self with chartreuse throat26" x 7"MTet, Dormant, ExtendedNone
Tropical Jewel (Trimmer 06)Coral with a red pencil eye above a green throat34" x 5"EMRe, Evr, TetNone
Turn Back Time (Gossard 04)Pink with red eye above a green throat33" x 7"MDor, Tet, UFO CrispateNone
Truly I Love Thee (J. Carpenter 04)Soft pink with soft rose halo24" x 6.5"ERe, Dip, Evr, FragrantNone
Twiggy (Dickerson 90)Orange with wine eye18" x 4"MDip, Dor, Noc, Ext, SpiderNone
Ultra Violet (Lambert 82)Dark violet with blue halo26" x 6"MDip, Dor, FragrantNone
Upper Echelon (J. Rice 98)Burgundy Mauve w/burgundy eye & gold edge20" x 5.5"MLaRe, Tet, DorNone
Vacation Cruise (Wild 76)Melon pink with rose edges34" x 7"MDiploid, DormantNone
Velvet Web (Lambertson 00)Purple violet with deep purple eye36" x 9"EMRe, Tet, Sev, Unusual FormNone
Vera Biaglow (Moldovan 84)Rose pink edged silver with lemon green throat28" x 6"MLaDor, Tet, ExtendedNone
Victorian Princess (Dougherty 89)Pink w/shaded pink eye22" x 6"MDiploid, Dor, ExtendedNone
Watchyl Christmas Widow (Kreger 92)Maroon25" x 10"MDip, Dor, SpiderNone
Webster's Pink Wonder (Webster/Cobb 03)Pink self34" x 13"MTet, Sev, Unusual FormNone
Wedding Band (Stamile 87)Cream white with yellow edge26" x 5.5"MTet, Sev, FragrantNone
White Temptation (Sellers 78)Near white self32" x 5"MDiploid, Sev, NocturnalNone
Wigglesworth (Schwarz 05)Lavender self above a green throat36" x 7"MTet, Dor, UFO CrispateNone
Wild Horses (Trimmer 99)Cream yellow w/black purple halo37" x 7"ERe, EVR, TetNone
Wild Wine (Wild 66)Black red self with green throat30" x 6"EMDiploid, DormantNone
Wilson Spider (Oakes 87)Purple Bitone with white eye28" x 7.5"MDip, Dor, SpiderNone
Wind Frills (Tarrant 79)Pink self34" x 7"EMRe, Dip, Evr, Fra, Unusual FormNone
Wine Goblet (Wild 78)Muted deep purplish red self34" x 6"Diploid, DormantNone
Wineberry Candy (Stamile 90)Orchid w/purple eye22" x 4.75"EMDor, Tet, Fragrant, ExtNone
Winning Baby (Williamson 68)Rose pink w/rose ez & green throat12" x 3"MDiploid, Ev, ExtendedNone
Woodside Ruby (Apps 89)Ruby red self34" x 4.5"MDip, SevNone
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